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Question about a graphic

Question asked by dmpjporter on Jun 28, 2010
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Question about a graphic


I have a layout example with a few buttons that have a gradient effect to them. As far as I an tell, it was a graphic file that was imported from somewhere else but I cannot tell what type of file it is. When you expand or contract the graphic, it resizes fine. When I tried to copy and paste it into Photoshop, it is only 1 pixel wide. I am guessing that the actual graphic is 1 pixel and when you size it in Filemaker, it expands to meet the size.


When I tried to make a graphic in Photoshop (1 px wide) and place it in Filemaker and resize, it, I get odd results, the larger the graphic gets, the more the right side of the graphic becomes transparent.


So, after all of that. Does anyone have an idea of what type of graphic file was used for this? I am guessing it is a vector graphic, but I am not sure what format.