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question about a record count

Question asked by AaronRoss on Mar 19, 2012
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question about a record count


 Hey, I have a pretty simple question i cant seem to find the answer to.

I have a table that has 650 records in it. I created a script the finds all the records in the this table matching a given date entered. I then go through all the records and double check all the info and hit a button called confirm that sends the record to another table i use for spreadsheets and reports.

My question is, lets say i have 650 records total but i have 40 that needs to be confimed today. is there a get function that will get the number of records in my search ie: 40? so when i reach the 40th record instead of me pressing "confirm" over and over again once the record i am on reaches 40 it will automatically show a custom messege that tells me ive reached 40th records and i need to stop? ive tried all of the get record functions but, unless i am missing something nothing seems to work.