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Question about avoiding duplicated charging

Question asked by leonhart1981_1 on Jul 7, 2015
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Question about avoiding duplicated charging


I have made a simple database called "Payables" which help me tracking all the bills that I have paid. 

I used to record both my invoice & vender's bill number in each bill that I paid. 

Recently, I encountered an issue with my freight vender who double charged me in two different bills.

I'm wondering if there a way to notify me when a bill contains invoices that have charged previously? 

For example, in the attached image, a bill no. 021312493 was billed to me based on the 5 invoices indicated in the "invoice no" field. Is it possible to lift a notification in the future, when same invoice number is entered in the same field? This way I can help me avoiding duplicated charging from my venders.