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Question about container fields

Question asked by grouper on Sep 1, 2014
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Question about container fields


Hi everyone

I have a database, where for each client, I want to be able to store many images in the respective container fields. I 've set up the fields and store options. What i 'd like to achieve is the following :

I 've set a number of tabs in the form layout. Let's say one tab is named "pics". When I click on it, I view the respective container fields. However, since I 'd like to be able to view the photos in big dimensions (and don't want to extend the layout to be greater than the monitor dimensions), I can't make room for 20 photos. So the idea is to create on this tab a list with miniature pics of all available container fields (let's say on the left side of the tab layout) and keep a big field  on the right side, which will show the respective photo of each container field in big dimensions when i click on the miniature pics on the left side.


Is there any way to achieve this in FM pro 12?