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Question about Context

Question asked by sccardais on Oct 26, 2014
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Question about Context


I have two separate FMP 13 files. Orgs and Support_Tix. I want to generate a report that uses data from both and I'm not sure if the layout should be in Orgs or Support_Tix and - most importantly, why.

Orgs contains info about customers. Support_Tix contains info about calls into our Customer Support desk. They are linked by a unique match field, Org_ID with Orgs being the "one" and Support_Tix the "many."

Orgs contains a calculation field that groups Orgs by the number of records in their database. e.g. If the record count  is under 1,000, they are in Group 0, Group 1 = 1,001 ... 2,500, etc.

We want to generate a report showing the number of Support Tickets received by Group.

Question: Should this report be generated from the Support_Tix file or the Org file? The report will use fields from both files and both are linked via Org_ID.