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Question about converting dates (20th to 21st century)

Question asked by chuckbutler on Mar 20, 2009
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Question about converting dates (20th to 21st century)


Not long ago, we imported a database that we had been using for a long time in FM 2.x (!), into FM 7. Unfortunately I did not research the date conversion issue at that time, and since then we have added many new records to this database in FM 7.


This week I discovered that any records whose date field contained dates in the range of 1/1/2000-present AND had been entered using only the last 2 digits (IOW, year w/o century) were imported as 19xx (so, if the record was 1/1/2000, it's now 1/1/1900, 2001=1901, etc).


There must be some way--I'm assuming by creating a script--that I can tell filemaker to find all records whose date is within a range of 1/1/1900-1/1/1909, and then have it convert the century from 19-20. I don't know scripting that well in FM, but if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.