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    Question about counting dates



      Question about counting dates



      I have a dynamaic report that is sorted by Sale Dates. I would like the create an average of how many sales were made by each date. In order to do this i need a way to create a field that gives me the numner of total dates based of how many sales were made that date. For ex: if John Doe sold 3 on 7/18, 2 on 7/17 and 4 on 7/16, the report will be sorted by dates and i want a field that tells the numner of total dates which would be 3

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          I suggest using summary fields. Not only can a summary field give you the count of records and or the total of a field for a given group of records, there's an average summary field option that will compute the average for you without having to count any records.

          Use a sub summary layout part with "When Sorted By Sale Date" specified.

          Put your summary fields in this layout part and make sure that your records are sorted by Sale Date.