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Question about creating a specific type of button

Question asked by ChrisFoote on Jan 16, 2014
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Question about creating a specific type of button


     Hey everyone, I'm a newbie to Filemaker and have been picking it up as I go about creating a database for the small business I work for. My boss had a rather specific request for me, and I wanted to see if I could get some expert input on the issue.

     We're an IT company, and we're going to be using Filemaker to keep and organize our customer records. One of the things we'll be keeping track of is the number, model, and serial numbers of computers in use by users and business clients. The issue with this is that some of our users are little old ladies with one iMac, while others are businesses with 15-20 iMacs.

     What I'd like to know about is whether there's a way to create button that would allow me to add more blank fields. As an example, if we were talking about the email field, I would like a way to use this button to add a new line for additional email addresses. That way, by default there would be one field in which I could enter a users' email address, but if they have more email addresses I would be able to click this button to add a new line/field for each additional email address. I'm thinking of it as a little plus symbol that would be located at the bottom of the field.

     I hope what I'm asking makes sense. If clarification is necessary, just let me know. Thanks for your time!