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Question about data separation

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Sep 21, 2012
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Question about data separation


     Hey guys,

     I'm looking for some good advise and experience in this.

     I'm thinking about converting one of my solutions to a data separation type, so that I can build multiple type user interfaces.  When hosting a solution like this do both files need to be hosted?  Do I open the Data file and in hidden mode, and show the user interface in the open remote?  Also, I was thinking of possibly creating multiple interface modules that are basically set up as the roles.  The different interface, would only contain the layouts and scripts needed for a particular role.  Is this a bad idea?  My thinking was, if i needed to change somthing for one role, just update the availability in that interface module then if I need to add something to another role just update the interface.  I'm thinking if this is feasable and not a bad way of doing it, it may be easier for me to maintain than the one file, as the layouts are getting into the hundreds, the scripts are well into the hundreds, and getting the roles right in one file is getting to be daunting.


     Thanx for your input.