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Question about Filemaker 13 Pricing

Question asked by AllisonC. on Dec 16, 2013
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Question about Filemaker 13 Pricing



     I am new to Filemaker and interested in using Filemaker Pro 13 to manage invoices/inventory/etc. for a small restaurant business with several locations. Multiple users from different locations will be inputting data via Filemaker Go in an ongoing basis. Only one or two users (myself and a backup person) will have full administrative permissions to the database.

     I am having a really hard time understanding the new FM pricing structure. Say we have 5 users and each user will be inputting data from different locations at various times throughout the day. Each user will need to have access to the data in real time. Does this mean we need to purchase 5 individual licenses at $324 each AND a FM Server with 5 concurrent connections? What happens if we want to have an external party host the server instead of us maintaining it in-house?

     Please help me understand how FM 13 works. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

     Many thanks!