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Question About Filemaker Drop Down Fields in SEARCH mode

Question asked by ColinJohnson on May 30, 2014
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Question About Filemaker Drop Down Fields in SEARCH mode


     Good Morning Filemaker Forum! 

     Quick question.

     I have been developing an IT Inventory alongside learning filemaker for the company I work with. The IT guy before me was the filemaker expert so I've taken it upon myself to learn it as I go.

     The Inventory is coming along swimmingly but there is one thing my boss wants; and im not sure if its possible. On my database I have a bunch of drops downs. What he wants I think is something along the lines of a taxonomy filter. 

     When you select your first drop down (lets use status for example) and set it to active, my boss wants all of the other dropdowns to display information from records that have an "active status" this is so when you choose a drop down, the other drop downs dont have irrelevent information. 

     I have the dropdowns themselves coded as Drop Down List - Values from (populated from field)

     Is there any way to do what I'm trying to do? Populate drop down fields in search mode with only relevent information included in already populated fields?