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    Question about Find



      Question about Find


      I tried to perform a find that will omit the balance is zero.

      So I did "Find Mode" and Omit "0" on the balance field. 

      But there are some records that is zero still showing. 

      I have attached a snapshot for information. 

      I then realized that these "0" records are visible is because theier values are 0.0026, -0.003, 0.006, 0.00379999999999902....etc.

      Could anyone teach me how to edit the Find Mode to not showing the records that the balance is zero? 


      Moreover, balance can be negative because some of them are credit notes!!!! 


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          You could  omit values less than 0.005.

          Or you might take a look at the calculations that are producing these values and put them inside a round function to round them to the nearest penny so that you do not have such small nearly zero amounts in this field to begin with.