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    Question about Find



      Question about Find


           In FileMake Pro, I have a "Invoice" field which the sequence is

           INV-14001, INV-14002, INV-14003 and so on...

           Say if I want to do the following Find searches: 

      1.           for invoice number that greater than INV-14100
      3.           for invoice number the between INV-14100 and INV-14150

           Can anyone know how to do it? Please help...

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               It will depend on the field type of Invoice (text or number?)

               If the invoice field is stored as text you can enter the number in the find field with the equal to or less than symbol and then show the omitted results (for some reason it wouldn't work with greater than), by clicking the green found count pie chart in the status bar.

          ≤ 14100
               & show omitted


               if it's stored as a number you need to include the text in the find


               I couldn't get the range find to work.


               What I'd do is create a calculation field that is just the numbers from the invoice field with a calculation type of number.
               You can then do easier searches such as >14100 and 14100...14150