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Question about finding skips in numbering?

Question asked by SkyRandall on Sep 21, 2014
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Question about finding skips in numbering?


I've "inherited" a database that's being used to keep track of books, magazines, etc. in a small private library. Each record was given a sequential number, automatically. Of course, various records were deleted over time, which has resulted in "skips" in the numbering system.

The library recently purchased pre-printed labels to match the numbering system we are using. Whenever there is a "skip" in the numbering, we end up with a wasted label. Funding is tight, so we really don't want to throw away these unused labels.

Is there any way to make FileMaker come up with a list of all the various unused numbers? (Besides going through the records one by one, and taking notes of any "skips", I mean!).

Forgive me if the answer should be obvious. The last time I used FileMaker was many years ago (version 2, I think!). The gap between versions 2 and 12 (Pro) are significant, and while I've spent the past few months exploring all the new (or new to me) features, I suspect I still have quite a ways to go to catch up!

I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks!