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    Question about Get System Platform?



      Question about Get System Platform?


           I’ve created a button on my main menu to take me to either a Windows based layout or an iPad based layout, using the following script.  However, when on my Windows machine it just takes me to my iPad layout. It doesn’t work on my iPad either. I employed Script Debugger to watch it step through the process and it clearly does not see my Windows environment.  Denno, in the post referred to below does something very similar, except he/she used numbers to accomplish the task.  My question then is: How does FM know what “Windows” or “iPad” or 1, 2, 3….is without them being predefined somewhere?  Is this why my script doesn’t work?

           If [Get (SystemPlatform) = “Windows”]

                           Go to Layout [“Desktop” (Desktop)]

                           Exit Script

           End If

           Go to Layout [“iPad” (iPad)]


      Platform check script (executed OnLayoutEnter)

           if Get ( SystemPlatform ) = 3

           Go to Layout iPad Home

           End If

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               I suggest that you look up Get ( SystemPlatform) in FileMaker help. You'll find that the lone word "windows" is never returned by this function.

               From FileMaker help:


           •          1 if the current platform is Intel-based Macs

           •          -2 if the platform is Windows

           •          3 if the platform is iOS

           •          4 if the platform is FileMaker WebDirect

               So using that function would require this If Step to detect a Windows platform:

               If [Get (SystemPlatform) = -2 ]

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                 Thanks once again PhilModJunk,

                 I must be blind, because I didn't see this info the first time I searched for it, but there it is right in front of me.