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Question about layout creation.

Question asked by armanavakian on Jan 2, 2011
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Question about layout creation.


Hello, this is my first time posting and im a relatively new user of filemaker pro. My question is in regards to creating and editing a layout.

I have created a database for all the diffrent flowers and materials that we use. We have a few fields like Name, Category, Cost per stem, per bunch, Retail price per stem per bunch, color, description, and images. 

What we want to do is create a layout to make like a brochure for our front counter so our employees can look at it and quickly see a picture of the flower, retail prices, name and description. We want to make it 2 columns going down and maybe have 4 or 5 records per column.

Now on to my question. When i make the layout, i dont want the field name to show. For example...on the layout it will say Name : Flower name. We dont want to have the field title in this layout. We just want to it be "Flower Name". Is there anyway to do that? I dont really know if i gave enough information or asked the question clearly. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.