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question about line items

Question asked by fantasysystems on May 26, 2009
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question about line items


this is probably going to sound very dumb but keep in mind i'm new to databases and i'm eager to learn but is taking me some time...

my dumb question is what is the table line items for? what is line items? if i have invoice and  inventory what do i need that table for?

 i'm trying to create my database for my retail businessi founf a post here about it and someone wrote this


  • A customer can have many different invoices, but an individual invoice can have only one customer
  • An invoice can have many line items, but an individual line item appears on one invoice
  • A product can appear on many different line items, but an individual line item has only one product

i'm fine with the first line but then i get lost :(



also on the other hand I downloaded the free  business kit from file maker (best ting i could have done)  but i seem to be missing some tables, i have a customers table , a sales order table, an inventory table, but how do i keep track of payments? and orders? do people use diferent tables for this or do they just use sales orders for payments and orders? this may go back to line item... i don't know
thank you in advance