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    Question about memory issues...



      Question about memory issues...


      I am working on Filemaker Pro Version 6, importing a construction company's contracts and proposals into a database so that they can easily search for documents. There are only about 700 documents in the file I have created, but it is saying the file is out of memory. After checking the memory it says I have filled 1.99 MB of 2 MB available. Is there any way to work around this problem? Maybe a way to link two files together or add on to that file? Thanks so much for the help!

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          When you say you are importing the documents, are you importing the text from the documents, or scanned images of the documents?


          One obvious suggestion is to upgrade to FMP10, which can handle databases larger than 2GB.  If that is out of the question, you'll have to have multiple copies of the same database, and devise a way of using a master database to display info linked from the other databases.

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            1.99 MB or GB?


            FMP 6 probably has a 2 GB file size limit. (I have a copy of FMP 5.5 installed and that's the file size limit for 5.5). In a newer version of FMP, you also have the option to link to a file reference rather than storing the entire file in a container in the field. It doesn't seem like 5.5 can do this, I can't check FMP 6 for this so you'd have to check that option out yourself.


            Another alternative would be to try using Open URL to open the files, storing the URL expression for each document in a text field.

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                 I am using scanned images in the container field.  I suppose I'd be better off using a link to the images, which would take up a lot less memory.  Thanks a bunch for your help! :)