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    Question about Network Sharing



      Question about Network Sharing


      What's the advantage to enable network sharing for FMP 12 Pro? 


      Can I share my FMP 12 Pro database to whom that is not in the same network? 

      For exmaple, I opened my FMP at home, and share to myself while I'm in the office? 

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          The advantage of Network sharing is that if you open the file on your computer and have sharing correctly enabled, any other users on your network with their own copies of FileMaker Pro can open the database to view and edit the data into it. FileMaker Pro permits up to 9 such clients at a time.

          You will be able to do this from home if:

          1) you correctly configure your internet router at home with port forwarding to forward connections from FileMaker to your computer. You'll need to research the technical details on this--some of which are specific to your router.

          2) You have two licenses for FileMaker Pro and use one at home and one at the office. FileMaker will reject connections and shut down the client's copy of FileMaker if both client and host have the same license key.