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Question about omitting records

Question asked by TonyTrevisonno on Oct 31, 2011
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Question about omitting records


Here’s the setup:  I’ve got a simple file with thousands of records in a list view. I have a self-joining relationship that finds related records in the list based on one field. The user clicks a button that says ‘go to related records’ and the list changes to show the related records.

Here’s the question: Is there a way to omit records from the resulting list that have a common value in one of the fields.

Here’s the example: The user is browsing through the list and clicks the ‘go to related records’ button. The resulting list has 20 records. Four of the 20 records have a project status of ‘cancelled’. I want the user to click a button that says something like “omit cancelled records” to remove the 4 records from the list. How??

Thanks very much for any suggestions.