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Question about pie chart

Question asked by HowardLee on Aug 17, 2011
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Question about pie chart



I have a question about the pie chart.

I would like to make a summary pie chart of my data.

For example, a statistic data only contains the user name and their income.

So, the data are as listed below:

User              income

A                     300

B                     100

C                     500

A                     100

If it only contains this four data, how can I build a pie chart that only contains those three user and their total income?

The results should be A: 40%, B: 10%, and C: 50%.

I used the User and income to build my pie chart, and the results are A: 30%, B: 10%, C: 50%, and A: 10%....

What functions should I use?

Is their any one can help me?

Thanks very much.