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    Question about Records



      Question about Records


           I'm new to Filemaker (FMP 11), and I'm trying to figure out a way to match the record number to subject number.

           For example, subject 500 is not in our research study (no data), and while subject 499 and 501 are. However, I can't figure out a way in FMP where I can easily access the subject file (ie type in 501 in the record box and immediately go to subject 501 and not 502 since there's a jump/difference due to subject 500.

           Any help would be appreciated!

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               Can't tell how you have designed your database. Please see:  Please Help Us to Help You...

               What tables, fields and relationships have you designed for your database?

               Depending on the design you can either perform a find for  subject 501 or use a relationship to find a related record for subject 501.

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                 1) FileMaker Pro 11

                 2) Operating System: Windows 7

                 3) FileMaker in single user mode

                 4) New to Filemaker

                 5) I have exported data from SPSS in a .csv form, so I have over 100 variables per subject. 

                 6) No scripts or calculations or fields/relationships.

                 I want to be able to type in the subject number in the top part of FMP (records) and go immediately to that subject even if there's a big difference in the numbers (ie subject 900 in my database is showing up as record 709).




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                   Would each "subject" be a row in you csv form?

                   Would the subject number you are referring to be a column in these rows of data (Just one column, not many columns)?

                   If so, here's the simplest way--once you have either imported the data from the csv file into your database or converted the csv file into a FileMaker database:

                   Enter find mode (Click the Find icosn at top of screen)

                   Type 900 into your subject number field.

                   Click Perform Find

                   This is the simplest, most basic way to accomplish this. There are more sophisticated options that require a more thorough knowledge of how to design a FileMaker database. Both this simplest method and the alternatives depend in part on how you design your database.

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