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    Question about recurring Service Orders



      Question about recurring Service Orders


      My company does most of it's business through service work. Our customers sign a service contract and we go out twice a year to do routine maintenance. I was wondering if there is a way to pull up upcoming service work at the beginning of every month, instead of searching through a few thousand customers to find out what needs to be done?

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          If your service contract record contains the appropriate date information, you should be able to perform a find for it.

          Example: Say you have a date field, NextService that records the next service date in it.

          Then you could perform a find for all records where NextService schedules a date in January, 2011 by entering find mode, then entering 1/1/2011...1/31/2011 in this field, then performing the find. (I'm using US dates MMDDYYY, this also works in DDMMYYYY formatted systems.)

          This is just a bare bones example. You can create much more sophisticated finds and can also use inequalities such as < 1/31/2011 as a way to find all with dates for the end of January and earlier. (Might be a way to make sure you haven't missed one.)

          These searches can be peformed by hand or in a script.