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Question about relationships

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Apr 19, 2013
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Question about relationships


     Hi There,

     I have a question about relationships and how my data is linked. I have a senario where I have parts and job cards. Now one part can only be linked to one job card for the life of that job card. When the job card is closed, then the part will be assigned to a new job card. For the life of the job card, I need to see the part that the job card is using, but when the job card closes I might need to search job cards and see what part was used on that job card.

     I have two lots of TO's with regards to this, one where I am linking a part to a job card, and using the parts primary key to link, and on another line of TO's I am linking a job card to a part, via the job cards primary key.  If I am correct here, I will be able to go back in the job cards history and find what part was used, but for the part, it is not necessary, as that will change depending on what job card it is assinged to at that time.

     To get this right, I am thinking of saving the parts key for every job card record, but for the parts, I will be replacing the job card key. Would this be correct from a FM point of view, or is there another way I should go about it. 

     For the job cards, there are going to be many lines as there will be many job cards, but for the parts table, there will only be one entry per part. Am I on the right track here? 

     I hope this makes sense :$ I'm sure I am right, I just wanted to see if I am following the correct FM methods.