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question about repeating fields...

Question asked by julieFrith on Mar 7, 2011
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question about repeating fields...


Hi Everyone

I've got a couple of questions about repeating fields i need help with. 

Question one: Is there any way of automatically adding to the total number of repetitions to a field? (i.e when all have been filled fm automatically increases the number)?

Question Two: Is there any way of sorting the repetitions? i.e by date .

Here's my problem: I've got a database for a block of flats which hold Meter Reading Details for Water, Gas Electricity Meters. I started this by creating repetitions to 2 fields, 'Meter Reading' and the 'Date Taken'. It worked well but now i'm at the end of my repetition and wonder if there is a better way of doing this or i have to manually increase the number of reps? Also as i enter data into repetition, i enter details underneath the last entered information. I'd love to be able to sort this so that the most recent reading taken (by date) is alway at the top of the repetition list.?

Any help would, as always, be appreciated.