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Question about script parameters and buttons

Question asked by WilliamMaslin on Jan 30, 2012
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Question about script parameters and buttons


I've been working on an IWP solution using Filemaker 9 and trying to get the script in Special Edition Using Filemaker 8 on page 666 to work. So far, after many combinations and permutations, I'm at a total loss.

This script is used to determine how many records to move forward or backward when the user clicks a Next or Prev button and apparently uses script parameters.  However, I can't for the life of me figure out how script parameters work with buttons.

They say the script step used would be Go to Record/request/page... by calulation.

So, let's call my script "Go Forward" and it has a single step: Go to Record/Request/Page ... by calculation


And here's the calculation from the text:

Let ( [
curRec = Get ( RecordNumber );
jumpSize =
Case (
Get ( LayoutViewState ) = 1; 25;  // it's in List view
Get ( LayoutViewState ) = 2; 50;  // it's in Table view
1); // it's in Form view
direction =
Case (
Get ( ScriptParameter ) = "Next"; 1;  //  jump forward
Get ( ScriptParameter )  = "Prev"; -1 );  //  jump backward
newRec = curRec + (jumpSize * direction) ] ;

Case ( newRec > Get ( FoundCount ) ; curRec ; newRec)


Now, can someone tell me how to link this calculation to a next or previous button?  I think I have the first step down correctly :-):

1. Make a button can type Next on it. My competence ends with this step.

2. Now, what do I chose in the button dialog? I assume it's the "Go Forward" script. But if the calculation above is ALREADY in the "Go Forward" script...what goes in the script parameter edit box?