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    question about scriptparameter



      question about scriptparameter


      I have a database which was made by someone else. In this database i wanted to add a new item to my menu. But this is not working well.

      I saw there is a script for go to....

      In this script i see the following (part of script)

      Else if [get ( Scriptparameter ) = “lijst”]

      Ga naar lay-out [“muziek lijstweergave” (Qhoofd_CD)]

      Ga naar record/verzoek/pagina [eerste]

      Can somebody explain me first line and how i can adjust this parameter?

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          A script parameter is information passed to the script when it is called via a button click, script trigger or another script. In all of those methods, you can pull up a specify script dialog and there will be an "option script parameter" box in the bottom of this dialog.

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            Hello Philmodjunk,

            Can you mail me how i can add into this "go to" script to add a layout to my personal menu ?

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              Not enough information here.

              I can't read the language of your script nor do I recognize it so that I can try feeding it through a translation site.

              I don't know how it was implemented in your database. Is this script performed by a script trigger, a button or ...?

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                Can i mail you my database empty with only one cd in it. It is a databse for my cd's

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                  In this script is mentioned several times the optional parameter like "lijst" in my example.

                  But where can i founf the info behind "lijst" so i can adjust it.

                  BR Johan

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                    "lijst" is text passed to your script.

                    First find the place where this script is performed.

                    If you are selecting a value from a drop down list or pop up menu and the script automatically runs when you make this selection, then you have a script trigger set on this field. Go to that layout, enter layout mode, right click the field with this value list and select "script triggers" to see what script triggers have been selected for this object. Find the trigger that names your script, click it to highlight it and then click the specify button. You should see something in the "optional script parameter" box in this dialog box that appears. It could be "lijst" or it could be a calculation that evaluates to produce the value passed to the script. To pass a different value to your script, you'd need to edit this expression to produce the value you want to pass to it.