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Question about Self-Join Match Field

Question asked by starstuff on Jun 15, 2015
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Question about Self-Join Match Field


Hi All!


im studying self-join (match field) and i cant figure how i got the result.

The result :

Im in the PRICING_SUPPLIER Layout/Table,  i was able to show only the suppliers from a drop-down value list using the "include only values from" COMPANIES_Suppliers_Only (TO) (please see attached screenshot of the tables)


im thinking its becauses its connected to PO_INVOICES companytype (calc) = "Supplier", that it shows only the Suppliers in the value list,


the COMPANIES_Supplier (TO) companytype = Indexed, By Value List, Required Value, Allow Overide, i used a value list to validate this.


i like to ask why did the PRICING_SUPPLIER list only the Supplier, is it because of the PO_INVOICES?

if so, then should i move the companytype in PRICING_SUPPLIER table  because im working on PRICING_SUPPLIER.


Thanks All!