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Question about separation model solution

Question asked by yuichim on Jun 10, 2011
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Question about separation model solution


I am in the process of creating a customer relations solution (including order form and invoicing) using separation model.
The only thing is that I am a bit lost on how to proceed....

Right now, I am creating the order form part, in which the layout is using the Orders table, in which it has a relations of:

Accounts Table (accountid -> kf_accountid) Order Table (orderid -> kf_orderid) OrderItems Table (orderitmesid -> kf_porderitemsid) Products Table

Order table contains a portal displaying data from orderItems in which are line items displaying qty, product descriptions, price, etc.

The challenge I am facing now is that I can't display any pricing information (which is also a relationship from orderitems and products) in the portal without creating some kind of relationship graph in the data file.... which I am trying to prevent. If possible, I want to put relationship only in the interface file...

What would be the best solution for this....? 

Any help much appreciated..