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Question about Substitute Function

Question asked by sccardais on Oct 14, 2014
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Question about Substitute Function


One of the fields in a table I import contains a single period to designate "Free Trial". (I have no idea why but I can't change the source.)

When I import, I want to replace all records with a single period in this field with the text string "Free Trial" and I want to retroactively change all records that have already been imported. I know I could change the ones already imported with a Find / Replace but I'd rather set this up so it does it automatically from now on.

I created an Auto Enter calculated value using the calculation shown below but it's not working on existing records. Note:  "Do not replace ..." is unchecked.

Substitute ( Self; "." ; "Free Trial")

Is there a syntax error here? It looks OK when compared to FileMaker docs but it is not working.

Thanks for any help.