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    question about the mode views



      question about the mode views


      Hoqw do I grey out the find, layout and preview mode while the data base is running (in browse mode)? I would like to have my runtime file without these 3 modes usable.



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          Hi Andre


          This can be achieved by creating your own Custom Menu and removing the options you dont want your user to have from that menu set and either setting that as the default menu set for the file, setting it to a particular layout, or using the install Menu Set script step when navigating to your layout. 


          You need teh Advanced version of FileMaker to do this and to setup, or edit menus you need to go: Tools > Custom Menus > Manage Custom Menus...


          You can either setup a new one or amend and use the "Custom Menu Set 1" that is a copy of the standard menu set. Have a play with Custom Menus and post if you need any help.


          To use the menu set as I mentioned you can set it throughout the file as the default. In the 'Manage Custom Menus' dialog, at the bottom you can specify 'Default menu set for this file:'


          Along with this you can specify the menu set for an individual layout, in the 'Layout Setup' dialog you can choose between the File Default or any menu sets setup in the file.


          And the third way is via a script/Button, and that is the Install Menu Set script step, and in this you have the same options as in the layout setup, but you can also set you chosen menu set as the file default from here.


          I hope this helps.

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               Works perfectly! Thanks so much for the fast help.
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                 No worries Andre, glad to help.
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                What about the layouts in the left layoutbar? Now, when I click it I see all my layouts, can I hide them as well when te database is being used?



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                  Yes you can hide layout in any of two ways.


                  First way is in the Layout Setup dialog, underneath the Layout Name there is an option to "Include in layout menus", so un-tick this if you do not want that layout to show.


                  The second way is in the Set Layout Order dialog, 'Layouts > Set Layout Order...'. Here there is a tick box on the left of each layout, un-tick this to hide that layout in the Layout Menu.


                  Any layout you un-tick and hide from the Layout Menu will only apply in Browse or Preview Mode, Layout Mode will always display all layout in your database.


                  Also along the same line is if you want to hide the Status Area altogether you can use the 'Show/Hide Status Area' script step and with tis you can select if you want it Shown or Hidden and also lock it in the selected position so the user is unable to change it.