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Question about using portals

Question asked by eldoonmad on Apr 2, 2012
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Question about using portals


I am still fairly new to FileMaker Pro and am still trying to understand relationships. I do not expect anyone to take the time to realy explain it to me but I would like help settting up a portal. 

Basically my setup is like this. I am creating an inventory management database to, well of course, keep track of my inventory and assets. One of my tables is called "Assets" and all the feilds describe the assets. I have another table called "Warranties". This one is for keeping track of warranty tickets for an Asset that is out for repair. In form view of the "Assets" tables, I have a tab that is called "Warranty History". I would like all the lines from the "Warranties" table that are associated with the "Assets" indexed, autoserial numbered feild to be listed under the "Warranty History" tab. From what I understand this can be done using a portal. I have created the portal but I can not get any information to populate in it. I know it has to do with relationships, so if anyone can help me with that, I would greatly appreciate it.