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Question for a Container wizard

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 15, 2010


Question for a Container wizard


In the database I'm working on there is a Documents table linked to the main Activity table in which users will describe and add related documents (in a container).  Works fine. These will all be on PCs, no Macs.


Now, I specifically want the users to insert the documents in the database, not by reference, because the users cannot be relied on to put the files on the network and the database will serve as the ultimate repository for the related documents.  Some of the users will insert the documents from flash drives, or laptop hard drives, etc.


I've read most of the posts in the forum, and it appears that the actual document cannot be opened by double clicking on it, although it can be exported to the current machine and read from there.


Has anybody found a work-around (through a button, maybe) that would allow the user to VIEW the related document on whatever machine they are on?  About 90% of the documents in the containers will be MS Word, some txt files, and even some Outlook e-mails.


What I would really like is a button adjacent to the container field that the user can click and open/view the file in a pop-up without having to export the file to their machine and open from there.


Any wizard out there done this?


Many thanks.