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    Question joining tables then using lookup



      Question joining tables then using lookup


      I have to tables and joined them using comparitive operaters.  Table #1 contains records with a time stamp field ("created date") while table #2 contains records with "start date" and "end date" (date fields).  The join is "created date" greater than "start date" and less than "end date". 


      I then created a new look up field in Table #1 called "term"  I want to populate this field in Table #1 using the related field in Table #2 "term".  I set the new field up in Table #1 as a lookup field pointing to "term" in Table #2 - But no data is displayed in the new lookup field.  Any suggestions,  thanks



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          Hi Chuck,


          The lookup you defined should work for any new records that you add.  But it will not update existing records unless you edit them.


          { "When you type or change a value in the match field of the current table, FileMaker Pro uses the relationship to access the first record in the related table whose match field contains a matching value. Next, it copies the value from the lookup source field into the lookup destination field, where the value is stored."}


          To reset the "term" on all existing records in the found set, select the "term" field in Browse mode and then use Record>Replace Field Contents… (Replace with calculated results = Table#2::term)


          Hope this resolves it for you.