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    Question mark in field



      Question mark in field


      I am trying to divide two fields in a calculation but only get a question mark.  All fields are repeating and they are specified as numbers.  The question mark appears in the first row of the calculation only, the other rows are blank.  I have expanded the field (in case it is too small to display the number) and I have formatted the number with a specific number of decimal digits, but still the same result.  The weird part is that if I multiply, add or subtract the two fields the calculation works.  The question mark only appears with the division.  I don't know if this is relevant but, the file was originally FM version 5 and was recently converted to version 10.  The calculation worked with FM5 but not with FM10.


      More detail, if needed:  One of the two fields in the calculation contains numbers that are manually input or are imported from another FM file.  The other field is a calculation itself that grabs numbers from a repeating text field using the function "LeftWords" and "GetAsNumber" to get the value and convert it to a number.

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          Can you give us more details ?


          Which is their calculation ?

          Which is the wanted result ?


          If you place the cursor inside those fields, does the correct result appear ?

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               Thank you for your response.  The problem was solved and the answer was embarrassingly simple.  I was dividing by zero.  I was so convinced the the problem was FM10 that I couldn't see the forest through the trees.  After the conversion to FM10 I had encountered and resolve other calculation issues and was convinced that this problem was due to the conversion.  I had mentioned that the calculation worked in FM5 but not in FM10.  That was incorrect.  After the conversion I had slightly modified the file and inadvertently eliminated a secondary calculation that dealt with the zero-denominator issue.  My head will be hung in shame for the rest of the day.