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Question Mark in Field - Not Usual Culprit

Question asked by Reast on Mar 23, 2010
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Question Mark in Field - Not Usual Culprit


I have what I believe to be an unusual issue in building my current database.  I see a "?" displayed in some calculation fields while other correctly display nothing - both cases have calculations containing fields that are empty.   Of note:


1)  The fields with the "?" are definitely wide enough to display correctly.  I'm working with whole numbers, and I have even tried expanding the fields across the entire 'page' with the same "?" result.

2)  The field names in the calculations are correct - I have diligently been over each of them several times now thinking that might be the problem.

3)  I am using Filemaker 11


What else could the "?" possibly mean?  Admittedly, I'm a 'newbie,' but this one has me scratching my head - nay, pulling out my hair - in frustration.