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    question mark in popup menu in V12



      question mark in popup menu in V12


      Hi, in version 12 I've seen this a few times.

      Take a very simple database and create a popup menu that is showing a list made up from another field in another table. In my current database I've created 3 popup menus like this, all made identically. 2 of them work fine, the third only shows a question mark. I know that everything is setup OK because the other 2 look fine and I've compared all aspects.

      I believe this to be a bug in V12.

      Has anyone else seen it? Is there a work around? I'm now very stuck and very frustrated. The rapidness of working in filemaker is lost for me as I am spending so long on this very simple problem.



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          A bit more info...

          If I change the popup menu to show values from a single field, then I see that field. If I say I want to also show a value from a second field, it's then that it breaks.

          See this screenshot.


          If I untick "show value from second field" then the popup menu works ok (I get a list of ID numbers). If I tick the same box I get a single entry in the popup menu, number 1, and with a question mark (?) where I should see room names.

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            Check the storage options of the fields your are referring to as the source of values for your value list. Make sure that they are stored, indexed fields.

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              I think I've solved it. And it was me being a muppet. Here goes, and I hang my head in shame, because I must have done this several times...


              1) I created a field called "roomName" expecting text, but left it as a numeric field by accident.

              2) In regular data entry you are not warned of this, and you can happily enter text into your numeric field (hence the reason it didn't get spotted).

              3) But... when you try to use the numeric field that contains text in a popup menu, you will get a single question mark.


              Maybe if I was concentrating harder instead of watching Terminator on iPlayer while I'm working I would do a lot better!