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question marks in all fields and records.

Question asked by user14255 on Apr 11, 2013
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question marks in all fields and records.


If any one can help it would be appreciated. I have a database that is on a server. We have a customer database of over 20,000 and we do all our quotes and sales off the program. We have about 10 computers that access filemaker thru the server using “Filemaker Server” All of the sudden one of my employees said there was an error message and all the fields in all the records went to a question mark. I’m thinking “that’s not good” I removed the active file from the server and replaced it with the last backup (only 30 minutes old, luckily) and at the same time copied the same backup to my desktop via a thumb drive. The backup worked perfectly fine on the desktop, but trying to open the backup database on the server again, it was all question marks. I was able to set up the desktop backup with file sharing and got the other computers to work off my desktop. So I saved the day to keep working. Is my “Filemaker server” program damaged? Any help would be great.