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    Question on best use of a Container field



      Question on best use of a Container field


      Using Windows XP SP3 & FMP 10 When registering Claims on our system the USer needs to copy varios legally required documents before sending them by secure messenger to the processing centre. As part of each claim record we want to therefore keep a copy of the scanned document. This will be scanned and stored as a jpeg. 1. If I want to link it to the claim record, do we need to have a field for every separate document or is this where field repetition comes in? 2. As it is only the link that is stored in the database and not the file itself, when a backup and restore is done of the database f the files are not restored to exactly the same path, does the field show or report some sort of error i.e. that the file is now missing? 3. If the files are then restored, are the links repaired automatically?

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          This is another portal of related records situation if you have multiple documents to track for a single client. You just have a container field instead of the other data fields you've used in other parts of your project.


          You're asking about container fields that "store by reference" the path to a jpeg document. Filemaker doesn't have a crystal ball, so if a document is moved or renamed (such as during a system rebuild that fails to put everything back exactly where they were before...) it has no way to know that the path has changed or what that new path is and the link will thus "break". This seems like a fairly easy issue to avoid though if your IT people know what they're doing.


          There are ways to do a mass update to change the stored paths to all or a group of container fields in cases where you've had to move the files or change the name of a directory that's part of the path.


          If this is over a network, you have to share the directory exactly the same way to each client computer so that the stored path is the same for all clients.

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               On playing with the container field there doesn't appear to be a way of having more than one file stored in the field.  So I would have to have an unknown number of fields, as the record in question may only to relate to 2  associated files, whilst another record may need fifteen.  Is my understanding correct - 1 file for 1 container field?
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              Yes.  But the container fields could be in a related file.   As an example, I have a Note file for my utilities database.  Every note record is a communication contact with the utility company.  For each note there is a note-date, note-text, and note-container.  I might have received a disconnect notice.  I scan it and put it in the container field.  I call them because I got it and it make the comments in text field regarding the conversation, check in mail or you cashed the check, etc.  So for that utility I have a running database of records (viewed via the portal) of communications on that utility.


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                Yes TKnTexas, I was just beginning to think along the same lines.  I need a new Images tables, linked to the Claims via, say claim number ( which is unique) and then view the associated notes in another portal, as you suggest.  I'll have aplay and see.


                Separately, as the associated images are all either jpeg or pdf file format, how does one then select the image and get it opened in a separate window to view - I should be able to use default operating system installed software to view these files as they are stanadard file formats

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                  I just replied to another post about viewing pics, which seems to relate what you're talking about.  This is what I wrote:


                  "What I have done is create another layout with a larger container field on it, and when you click on the picture icon, it runs a script that opens up that other layout and shows you the larger picture.  I've put icons on that layout with similar things to Preview icons, like zoom in and out, and have attached scripts to them so they work in a similar manner, and also an "export" button which allows the user to save the picture to their computer via an "export field contents" script step."


                  This would work if you think it would be convenient for the user to view the image from within Filemaker itself.