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Question on conditional lists

Question asked by hokiemike64 on May 29, 2011
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Question on conditional lists


Hi all.

I have a question on how to set up conditional value lists.

I have two tables Cards and CardFormats

The two table share a number of fields, namely



and others...

I have created a value list for Cards::FormatCode with all values

what I ultimately hope to achieve is an automated population of the FormatDescription by reading the FormatDescription field from the formatcode table. I know this requires me to script trigger this, but for now, I would like to use a conditional value list where by the item selected in cards::formatcode returns only the values from CardFormats::FormatDescription where CardFormats:formatcode matchs the item previously entered in cards::formatcode

Can someone give me an example to this specific case. I did the menu item example from the formums, but I am new to this kind of concept and it is wracking my brain.