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Question on databases

Question asked by kujhawk on Aug 11, 2009
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Question on databases


I am attempting to build what in my mind is a simple database. However, translation from my mind to the computer is proving a tad more difficult for my limited database experience. Here's the need:


We have a fleet of vehicles that we loan out to journalists on a weekly basis. I would like to build a database that contains the following elements...1) all the vehicles in the fleet, VIN...basically a list of assets, 2) the journalists' info, addresses, DL #s...basically a contact manager, 3) a loan agreement form that populates with information from both the vehicle and the journalist portions.


Ideally, the vehicle portion would have a sort of running record for each vehicle of who borrowed it and when. The journalist portion would list all the vehicles they've been in and when.


Is this as difficult as I'm making it out to be?


Thanks in advance.