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    Question on displaying record



      Question on displaying record


           Hi everyone, I have a question on how to display certain records on a layout.

           I have two table: A, B. with common ID_number, I have make relationship of the two tables by ID_number.

           one record on table A has value a1 with corresponding value on table B called b1, b2. How to make a layout that can show the following records:

                                        A-column        B-colume

                                              a1                    b1

                                              a1                    b2

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               When you link two tables in a relationship, the result can be a one to many relationship, One record in table A matches to possibly many records in table B, Many to one--One Record in Table B matches to many records in Table A, or One to One--only one record in Table A matches to only one record in Table B.

               If the relationship from A to B is one to many, you can set up a list view layout based on Table B and include any fields from Table A on that layout that you need. If the relationship is many to one, base the layout on Table A. If it is one to one, you can base the layout on either table, but then you should also consider whether or not you really need two tables or could keep all the fields in one table.