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    Question on Go to related records...



      Question on Go to related records...


      I have a database called STUDENTS. On one layout, I have a form for the details on this particular student.


      Now my question...


      Is it possible to have on this single student form layout to have a list of all students (records) with a button that will Go To Related Record?


      I have tried using a portal, but it will not work. I used a self-join relationship based on the student's year (1, 2, 3) which ends up showing the students in this particular year, but I cannot get it to go to the related STUDENT form detail layout for that chosen student.


      Can anyone give me a hand on this? I am missing something somewhere and I would really appreciate the help.


      Ideally, this list would contain all of the students or I am happy with just the current year as I have it now, but I do want an easy way to jump from one student to the next without so many extra moves.


      Thanks a lot.



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          The portal is the right way to go for this. The button that does the GTRR must be on the portal row. It will go to the proper related record.


          Go to Related Record [ from table:SelfJoin; Using layout "Students" ]


          Also if you want your portal to display all records instead, you can use the cartesian product 'X' operator instead of the '=' in your self join.

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            Thank you very much for this tip on displaying all. Works great!


            But I still cannot get the GTRR function to work in this particular case.

            I have tried many ways to relate this self-join with varying results, but never able to GTRR. 


            I just cannot seem to get this combination to work.

            Any ideas or do I need to provide more information?


            Thank you very much for your help.

            Much appreciated. 

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                 Please state exactly the steps that you are doing. If you did it correctly, in browse mode, you should see each row having its own button.