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Question on Go to related records...

Question asked by bwbono on Aug 11, 2009
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Question on Go to related records...


I have a database called STUDENTS. On one layout, I have a form for the details on this particular student.


Now my question...


Is it possible to have on this single student form layout to have a list of all students (records) with a button that will Go To Related Record?


I have tried using a portal, but it will not work. I used a self-join relationship based on the student's year (1, 2, 3) which ends up showing the students in this particular year, but I cannot get it to go to the related STUDENT form detail layout for that chosen student.


Can anyone give me a hand on this? I am missing something somewhere and I would really appreciate the help.


Ideally, this list would contain all of the students or I am happy with just the current year as I have it now, but I do want an easy way to jump from one student to the next without so many extra moves.


Thanks a lot.