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Question on Printing Using a Script

Question asked by DJM on Jan 11, 2009
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Question on Printing Using a Script


Hi FMP Community,


Environment Info

FMP 9.0 v3

Mac OSX 10.5.6

Two  Printers on the Mac: a Canon MP 970 (default) and a Brother QL-570 label printer  


I am new to scripting and I have been trying to resolve an issue printing a label.

Here is what I want to accomplish; while in a layout of current record I want to print a single label (Layout) with a subset of fields using a button that executes a script.  Ideally I want to do this with no dialogues so all I do is click the button and a label is printed. The issue I have is that even though have specified a format for specific printer (Brother QL-570)  and label size in the Print Setup step and specified the same printer in the Print step the script always defaults to the "default" printer (Canon) not the one I specified in the script setup.


I have tried the script with and without dialogues and I have also set the printer attributes to "Standard" per a suggestion in another posting. No matter what I do the Print script step will not restore to the printer I want.  Any suggestions?


Here is the simple script:


Goto Related Record [.... etc.

#Next set the printer and page attributes for the  Brother QL-570

Print Setup [Restore, No dialog]

Enter Preview Mode []

#In preview mode the single label is displayed properly 

#In the next step I specify the Brother QL-570 printer and leave the Presets as standard 

Print [Restore] 

Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]


As mentioned  when the script is run the Brother QL-570 has not been selected and I need to do it manually in the print dialogue.  If I set the Print step to perform without dialog the label will be printed on the system default Canon printer.


 Any suggestions here??? Am I mssing something?