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Question on using summaries (at least, I think so?)

Question asked by JacquiAdler on Feb 9, 2012
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Question on using summaries (at least, I think so?)



I am putting together a database for a summer school program where we have several courses offered on different weeks.  We will be having students submit applications for a limited number of spots.  All applications will be entered into the database.  Currently I have three related tables.  Students, Applied and Enrolled.  The "Student" table houses school-wide student info, while the "Applied" table only houses info gathered from the applications that is not already in the "Student" table.  The important part of the application is where the student identifies what class they want and during what week.  For instance, Writing-Week 1, Writing-Week 2, Math-Week 1, Math-Week 2, and so on.  Based on each students' preferred course, and their availability, we will then use the "Enrolled" table to indicate what course and week a student is actually enrolled in.  On the Application layout, I have a portal to the "Enrolled" table so that I can easily assign students to a class.  Easy peasy.  But now (finally) here is my question.  I would like to keep a running total of how many students are in each class/week AND (here is the key) have it visible on the Application layout.  I have tried numerous ways, and nothing seems to work.  I did create a summary report layout which works beautifully, but I don't want to have to keep going back and forth between  the two different layouts (Summary Report Layout and Application Layout) to check the number of students in each section.  I would like to be able to have a running list off to the side so that I can see, for instance, that Math-Week 1 is getting close to full and I need to start filling Math-Week 2.


I am a high school counselor (not a programmer!) with a decent amount of experience with FM, but certainly no expert, so any advice would be most welcome!!