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Question regarding a network setup with FM server and remote FM Pro users

Question asked by NathanVeitch on May 24, 2013
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Question regarding a network setup with FM server and remote FM Pro users


Hi There,

I need some advice with regard to network setup for a client. This client is in central Africa and the internet is a bit sticky sometimes. The an office in town and then another site out in the jungle. The remote site has internet connectivity but it is not 100% reliable. My client has purchased a FM server license and some FM Pro licenses and now I need to get the network working. 

For me this is going to be a nice project, as I get to play with FM tech I havent had the chance of playing with, namely IWP. I need to know what would be the best setup. I am planing on placing the FM Server in the town office and then the FM Pro in the remote site. I am also developing a portion of the program to run on iPad's in the remote site and a IWP section for connection when the users are out of the country. The Pro sections will be where most of the accounting and stock movement/management is handled which is in the town office and remote site. The iPad's will mainly be used for logging staff working hours and entering in new stock items into the system. Some of the users will need to go do reports at clients which can be anywhere in the country and even out of the country, so I am thinking of using IWP for that. 

My main issue is how do i setup the system. My client doesn't want to spend to much on the network setup, as we have to improve the wireless connectivity in the remote site due to interference, and there are other costs that are cutting into the budget. If i place the FM Server in the town office where there is a better connection, that should be ok for the IWP side of things. For the remote site machines running FM Pro to connect to the town office running the FM Server, could I - 
a - Just use the FM network?
b - Maybe get RDP sessions going between the server box and the remote site clients
c - Maybe use something like GoZync to replicate the database every 15min?

I am not to sure which would be the best solution for my client. I am trying to think of all the pros and cons with regards to their setup/network/connection speed and I am sure i am missing something. I am just afraid of data loss. Should the line go down between the remote site and the office, how would FileMaker handle that drop? I am busy reading up on it on the FM knowledge base, but so far I havent found anything to useful. What would be the better solution?