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Question regarding Fonts

Question asked by AntonMarcelline on May 19, 2013
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Question regarding Fonts




     I have set certain fields of my database to use the font Monaco because it shows characters like 0's (Zeros) with a diagnal strike through which is helpful as it clear defines it differently from a O (Oh).

     The problem I have is that our users copy and paste text from other sources into fields in the database and paster selection is pasted with the source formatting and changes the font used.

     I understand that you can get users that are copyingand pasting test to CMD + Z (Undo) to revert the text back to the set by me Monaco font but as I am sure you can appreciate users will not always remember or be bothered to do this.

     There are certain fields in my database that I don't mind choice of font or stylization (bold, underlined) but not all.

     Is there away to define certain fields to always use a specific font?

     Thanks in advance,