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Question regarding images

Question asked by JessicaMcCord on Oct 17, 2012


Question regarding images & how they are stored


     We have been using FileMaker Pro for the past 10 years...we recently upgraded to FM Pro 12.  We have always saved our images in a certain location and checked the box for "store only a reference to the file".  I assume this was done as a way to keep the size of the database from growing too large.  Or to keep it from being too slow when scrolling through the records? 

     Now that we are more mobile, we have an agent who sometimes connects in through the FM Go app on his iPad, so he is not conected directly to our server and therefore cannot properly store and "link" the photos.  So far he has just been e-mailing the pictures to me and I have been saving them and linking to the correct FM record.

     Are there problems associated with importing photos directly into the record vs. linking them as a reference?  Is my above assumption correct in that the database will increase drastically in size if we were to attach each photo directly to the record? 

     Is there a better way to handle images while in the office?  Is there a better way to handle images when using the FM Go app?