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Question regarding portal behavior

Question asked by mmccarty on May 14, 2014
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Question regarding portal behavior


     I have the following relationship Platform TO LineItem TO SubSystems TO Attributes.  On my Attributes layout I create two portals.  The first is connected to Subsystems and it contains ss1 and ss2  (just as I expect).  The second portal is connected to LineItem and it contains four records (two for ss1 and two for ss2).  In the LineItem portal I put the following fields, LineItem::_kf_platform, Platform::Name, LineItem::_kf_subsystem and SubSystem::name.  The info from Platform and LineItem table display correctly.  But "ss1" displays for SubSystem::name for all records even those linked to ss2.  Why is that?

     Why does the wrong SubSystem record display on a LineItem portal? The LineItem data is being pulled through correctly but not SubSystem?  I've seen this issue a few times and would like to understand the characteristics of portals that is causing it.