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    Question regarding Portal Rows



      Question regarding Portal Rows


           Good morning everyone!  I've been using FileMaker for almost 4 months now and I could say I'm happy with it but still on the learning process on a lot of things concerning FileMaker.

           I have a layout with a portal in it, I want to create an add button so when it is clicked a new record will be created (which I know how to do now) but I want the portal to automatically have at least 20 blank rows that the users can fill in.  The portal is divided into 5 blocks because our clients wants to see the break down of those 20 items in the portal and they wanted to have it like that.  Is it possible to do that (when the add button is clicked, it will create a new record and the portal will give me 20 blank rows for users to fill in), if it is possible how can I do that?  Any inputs or ideas is highly appreciated.